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Ear Cropping -  Dr. Revere of is the bomb!


Searching for a veterinarian that performs ear cropping, has experience in multiple breeds and performs show crops as well as pet crops in multiple breeds can be very difficult.  Not to mention the cost of ear cropping by the veterinarians that are experienced is quite expensive. When I started to enquire, the lowest price I could find was $500 and that particular veterinarian was more experienced with Pit Bulls than any other breed ........ To find a veterinarian with experience in show crops with Boxers, Great Danes, Dobermans etc., I was looking at paying $650 to $750 for the procedure. 


I have however found a very good veterinarian in the Houston area who is an ear cropping specialist and is extremely reasonable in his fees. For an average of $175 for an 8 to 10 week old puppy, he does a wonderful job on the ears.


We have had one of our puppy's ears cropped  and one for a  new owner and we are extremely happy with the results. If you don't live too far from Houston, I thoroughly recommend them.


 I cannot say enough about Dr. Michael Revere and his staff at It is a 5 hour drive for me to go to Houston, however I would not hesitate to take any of my puppies to Dr. Revere for ear cropping procedure. Not only does he do a marvelous job at an incredibly low price, he makes himself available to answer any questions and concerns and follow up support is amazing. My local veterinarian who does not perform ear cropping, was simply amazed at the work Dr. Revere had done on my puppy's ears. We have a ways to go yet, with posting and taping etc., however, already the ears are looking great. The lines are clean and even and the cut crop looks really good. I will post some photos once her ears are all healed and the tape is off.










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